Helping Seniors With The Next Big Move

Resources for Researching, Planning, and Executing Your Next Life Move

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When kids leave the nest, when a spouse passes away, or the desire to finally live out that dream you’ve been putting off just can’t wait any longer, it’s time to take that NEXT STEP in your life. If so, then you are in the right place.

You may find that your housing situation no longer suits the lifestyle you want, and you may be looking to downsize or move to a different climate, hello Florida! But, a move like that takes planning, resources and community. We curate resources and provide insight for you and the thousands of people just like you that are looking to make the BIG move… And looking to do it the right way!

SHOULDI MOVE is a nonprofit organization committed to helping seniors with one of the biggest transitions in their lives. Transitioning out of a family home can be difficult, especially where the home was shared with loved ones for a long time. We help curate resources to help with the research, planning, and execution of taking that next step in life.


Should you rent or buy a home? How many bedrooms should you have in your new home? Is Florida really the perfect place to retire? Is a quiet mountain home the best option?

Ever heard of decision fatigue? It’s a real thing, we make hundreds of choices each day, from what to eat, to what to wear and what to buy at the grocery store. Taking some time to research your options will help you feel more prepared for the decisions and changes you must make. The more decisions we make the more fatigued we all feel. So, when we add even more decision making to our lives when making large changes, it can become overwhelming. Doing your research beforehand is one way to alleviate decision fatigue. When you nail down certain details and figure out what you are most comfortable with you free yourself up to make the next move in your life. Below you will find a collection of articles to help you research your options and on all of the things to consider when moving at this stage of your life.

  • 4 Benefits of Incorporating Florida Mobile Homes Into Your Investment Portfolio
    While you may not associate real estate moguls and mobile homes, it’s worth taking a moment to take a new look at mobile homes as investment opportunities. You may just walk away with a different view. Just as the ugly duckling turned into a swan, savvy Florida real estate investors have caught on to … Continued
  • 5 Things to Check When Investing in Florida Mobile Homes
    Now that you have focused on mobile homes as a great way to diversify your real estate investment portfolio, this sector of the market is underutilized by investors, so there is little competition. With lower overall upfront investment costs, mobile homes are an excellent entry investment for beginners, starting with one unit. On the … Continued
  • 5 Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Mobile Home in Florida
    When you’re in the market to buy a mobile home, it takes more than just luck to invest your money wisely. Protecting your investment requires a step-by-step process to perform due diligence. Your planning strategy should educate yourself about the problems to avoid, which will help save your precious time, money, and unnecessary stress. … Continued
  • Buying a Mobile Home in Florida? 5 Tips for Savvy Investors
    Not typically considered for real estate portfolios, mobile homes provide a less competitive vehicle for investment diversification into specific market sectors. At the same time, the returns on investment properties or resales are lower, so too are the initial investments. Therefore, if you’re buying a mobile home in Florida, you will want to pay … Continued
  • How to Find Retirement Communities
    The first step in finding a retirement community is to decide on a location. Do you want to stay in your current community? Have you always dreamed of moving to Florida or another location with beautiful weather? If so, now is the time to make your decision. Targeting your retirement community search to a specific location can save you time.


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Planning For Retirement is a group of 4,900 members and is “set up to facilitate discussion about planning for retirement … But I also hope to share ideas that can help you plan a fun life no matter your age group!”

Number 4

Retired, or thinking retirement? has 13,000 members and is dedicated to “sharing personal experiences, vacation tips, healthy living suggestions, and also nutritional and medical updates, and anything else related to the subject.”

Number 3

Taking the Florida Plunge has 25,000 members and is dedicated to those “in the process of taking the plunge or still in dream phase and hope to make it happen soon!”

Number 2

Seniors Only – Active, Online Group for 50+ has 6,600 members and is for people 55 and over to “Share Lots of Great Information About:- Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement- Daily Deals We Find- Discounted Rates on Services and Things We Use- FUN Ideas and Activities We’ve Come Across- Hilarious Pictures and Stories- Books We’re Reading- Places We’re Visiting”

Number 1

Senior Muscle Fitness Forum for everyone 50 yrs and up! has 15,600 members and “is a place that people can connect to discuss various interests in a wide range of fitness activities from weightlifting to running and from cycling to walking.Discussions about nutritional ideas and recipes for meals to help you to grow stronger alongside dieting and calorie cutting recipes to help with fat loss.”