How to Find Retirement Communities

Are you planning for your retirement?  If you are expected to retire within the next year or two, you may be on the hunt for retirement communities.  With so many options to choose from, many seniors are wondering, how they can start familiarizing themselves with their options.

The first step in finding a retirement community is to decide on a location.  Do you want to stay in your current community?  Have you always dreamed of moving to Florida or another location with beautiful weather?  If so, now is the time to make your decision.  Targeting your retirement community search to a specific location can save you time.

Once you have decided on a destination, you have a number of different options.  If you will be staying in or around your local community, you can turn to your local phone book.  There, you will find a number of retirement communities located in the yellow pages or business directory section.  These centers may be listed under “retirement,” “housing,” or “assisted living.”  Your phone book should provide you with the telephone number of the establishment in question.  Contact them for more information.

If you are internet savvy, you can use the internet to find retirement communities.  If you already have the name of a retirement home or community, like one that was recommended to you, perform a standard internet search with that company or community name.  If the place has an online website, you should be directed to that website.  Not only can you get the needed contact information, you will also be provided with other valuable information.  This information may include a summary of rates, pictures, room layout plans, a detailed list of onsite services, facilities, and scheduled activities.

In keeping with using the internet to find retirement homes and communities, you can also turn to online business directories and online phone books.  Many enable you to search for a business, like a retirement home, by location, such as your chosen destination.  The information that you will be provided with should include an address, a telephone number, and possibly a company website link.  Be sure to visit the website of the retirement community in question or at least call for additional information.

Typically, you will find it easier to find retirement communities online.  In fact, you will likely be provided with more options.  Your local phone book may be limited in its information or it may be outdated.  If you are not computer savvy yourself, consider asking a friend or trusted family member for help.  An afternoon spent together can produce a large list of retirement homes and communities in or around the location of your choice.

Remember that moving into a retirement community is a huge decision.  In fact, you will need to do more than just find a retirement community. You will also need to choose one.  When making your decision, keep affordability in mind.  It is a must to choose a retirement community that you can afford.  Also, examine your needs.  Do you need assistance with living day-to-day?  If so an assisted living retirement community is advised.

The above-mentioned methods are all ways that you can go about finding retirement communities.  As an important reminder, don’t just find a community to live in; choose the one that is the perfect fit for you.

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